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 Need help? E-mail Mr. Naab from your school email address and I will get back to you. Otherwise, see me during the school day!

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Is this your first time here?

Students are welcome to connect their Wake County Google Account to Moodle. This allows them to use one password to access all their accounts. Upon logging in, you will be required to click a link in your email box. This link is only valid for 12 hours. 

Please contact Mr. Naab if you have any questions or concerns.

Default Moodle Accounts

Accounts created prior to Friday, September 15th, will use the following information to log into their Moodle account. Users will be required to change their password upon logging into Moodle for the first time.

User Name: Student ID
Initial Password: Last 4 of Student ID


Students will be required to change their password when logging in. If a child forgets their password, they can use the Forgot Password Link to have a new password sent to their school email address.


To protect the security of your child's account, they will be locked out for 30 minutes after entering their password incorrectly too many times. You can either email me or wait 30 minutes for the account to become unlocked.